1945 – ’69
Between April 1951 and October 1952, Labhras O Nuallain was joint editor with Roger MacHugh and was a regular contributor both in Irish and English  to the monthly OUR NATION, an independent review of current affairs set up by Clann na Poblachta, who were partners in the Coalition Government of 1948 – 1951, with  Fine Gael, Labour, Clann na Talmhan, National Labour and one Independent.   Many were written anonomously but 17 in all, A  to  Q  noted below are by Labhrás Ó Nualláin.

A.   A Nation Bleeds.   Vol I, No. I    Our Nation,   April 1951
B.   Six County Protestants and a United Ireland  Vol I No. 2, May 1951   by Lorcan A. O’Brien  ie   Labhrás Ó Nualláin
C.    The “12th” and All That.    Vol I  No. 4    Our Nation August 1951
D.    Orangeman’s Outing.     Vol I  No. 4     Our Nation August 1951,
E.    The Real McCoy.     Vol I  No 6   Our Nation  October 1951
F     Blackie and Shortie, the Two Rapperees.   Vol I  No. 8   Our Nation  December 1951.
G     Martyrs Sunday. Manchester.  Vol I  No. 8    Our Nation   December 1951.
H     Mansion House Conference.  Vol I   No. 9   Our Nation   January 1952
I      Westward Ho! a Review of the Undeveloped areas Bill.  Vol I  No.9  Our Nation   January 1952.
J      Six- County Economic Crisis  Vol I.  No. 9  Our Nation  January 1952
K     Living Beyond Our Means.  Vol I.  No. 10.   Our Nation  February 1952
L     The Budget – War on the People.  Vol. I   No. 12   Our Nation April 1952
M    Get on with the Job!   Vol. I   No. 12    Our Nation   April 1952
N     A Lesson from Denmark, a Contrast in National Economics.  Vol. 2 No I   Our Nation May 1952
O     Ireland’s Major National Problem.  Vol. 2 No. 2   Our Nation   June 1952
       Printers strike for 3 months.!
P    Current Comments:   Catholic Unionists.  National Problem No. 1.  Orange and Green.
Vol 2  No  3   Our Nation   October 1952
Q   A Lesson from Denmark  II, Education for Democracy   The Folk High Schools. Vol. 2 No. 3   Our

Other Publications
1.  A comparison of the Economic Position and Trend in Eire and Northern Ireland.   Journal of   the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland. Vol XVII.  1945-1946
2. A comparison of the External Trade of the Twenty-Six and Six Counties of Ireland. Studies;     March 1952
IRELAND – THE FINANCES OF PARTITION.  Clonmore and Reynolds Ltd. 1952
New Industries in the Six Counties.   Hibernia Feb. 1953
The folk High Schools in Denmark.    Irish Independent June 16, 1956.
6  The Co-operative Movement in Denmark.  Irish Independent  June 23, 1956
Must the Irish Vanish?   (Comment on Census of Population Returns 1956)   The    Universe, London, 1956.
Denmark and Ireland – a Contrast in Economics. (2 articles)  Irish Times, Aug. 1,2,   1956.
9   The Trend of Trade (in Ireland)    Irish Independent Nov 20 1956
The Balance of Payments.   Irish Independent.   Nov 21, 1956
A Free Trade Area in Western Europe, (2 articles),     Irish Press  Feb 9, 10, 1857
12   Potentialities of the Irish Economy.     Christus Rex   April 1957
13   The Two Italys. (Series of five articles on the
Social and Economic conditions in South of Italy.   Irish Press, Oct. 14 – 18, 1958
14    European Trade War or Free Trade.       Irish Press.   Oct 24, 1958
15    The Wonder of the Netherlands (series of 5 articles    Journal of Netherlands Dept
on the Social and Economic conditions.                                of Agricultural, the Hague, Mar ’59
16  Paper at Symposium of Economic Development.
Journal of Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland   Vol. 20, Part II, ’59-60
17   The Under-developed Regions of Western Europe  (Series of 4 articles) Irish Press, Oct 6,1960
Nov. 2-4. 1960
18   The Under-Developed Countries of the World . (Series of 4 articles)     Irish Press, Feb. 1061
19  Into Europe and Common Market. (Series of 5 articles)    The Kerryman, Oct. 1961
20  Aid and Trade for the Developing Countries. (2 articles)    Irish Press, June 15,16, 1961
21  Economic Unity in Latin America.       Irish Times, Aug. 25, 1961
22  Problems in Economic Devlopment  (A contribution on development problems in Ireland)
Proceedings at International Econ. Association congress, Vienna 1962.  MacMillan 1965
  Low Incomes in Agriculture.          Irish Independent, May 8, 1965
24  Low farm Incomes in Ireland.        Irish Independent, May 10, 1965
25  Viable family Farms.                         Irish Independent, May 11, 1965
26  Regional Development in Perspective and Practice.       Journal of Agricultural Science   Association.  Vol XXVI     Autumn 1968
27  The Irish Economy.                            Encyclopaedia  Americana  April    1969

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