Published Work in Irish 1943 – ’68

1     Reflections on the Beveridge Report          Cothrom Féinne      Márta 1943
2    The Ralahine Experiment                              Iodh Morainn          Bealtaine1943
3     Post-War Agriculture                                     Comhar                     Samhain 1943
4    Resumé of Childrens Allowance                   Comhar                    Feabhra 1944
Schemes in Europe,   I, II                                       Comhar                    Márta 1944
5   Full Employment                                                 Comhar                     Iúl 1944
6   Irish National Income and                              Comhar                     Bealtaine 1944
Expenditure 1938-‘44
7   When the Border Goes –                                    Comhar                     M.Fόmhar 1948
Social and Economic effects
8   The Central Bank Report                                  Comhar                      Aibreán 1949 9
9  European Recovery Programme                     Comhar                      Bealtaine 1949
and the Four-Year Plan of the
Twenty Six Counties 10
10   What are the prospects for                              Comhar                      Samhain 1950
Graduates ?   I, II.                                                                                              Eanair 1951
11   Industrial Development                                    Comhar                       Bealtaine 1949
12  Industrial Resources of                                     Comhar                        Eanair 1953
Ireland (A review of the                                                                                    Feabhra 1953
IBEC Report).   I, II.
13  London finance and Partition                        Irisleabhair
Hibernia(Fribourg, Switz)1953
14 The Co-operative Movement                             Comhar                        Aibreán 1953
in Ireland
15  Guidance and Agricultural                             Comhar                        Feabhra 1955
Education for the small farmer
16  Is there a lesson to be learned                       Comhar                         Márta 1955
from Denmark’s Methods?
17  The Ulster Unionists and                                  Comhar                        Aibreán 1955                            Partition                                                                                                                  Iúl 1955
18  The International Folk                                      Comhar                         Nollaig 1955
High School
19  The Co-operatives of Denmark                      Comhar                         Eanair 1956
20  The Danish folk High Schools                        Comhar                         Feabhra 1956
21   Economics of the Gaeltacht                            Comhar                         Márta 1964
22  The Development of the Country:                Comhar                          Feabhra 1968
©  L.O’Nuallain

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